The Equine Tapestry – Draft and Coaching Breeds




Color has fascinated horse lovers for centuries, and the story of the formation of the different breeds is closely tied to the subject of color.

The Equine Tapestry explores the role color has played, both from a historical perspective and in changing trends of the modern horse world. Combining a modern understanding of genetics with a wealth of historical documentation, The Equine Tapestry gives a more complete picture of the founding of the different breeds and shows how this relates to the unusual colors popular in the present day. Volume I covers the different colors and patterns, with detailed explanations written in plain English, and then begins with the heavy draft and carriage breeds. High-quality illustrations are used throughout to enhance the text.

Written and Illustrated by Lesli Kathman
Paperback, 424 pages
Published July 2012
Publishers Note: This volume was published in black and white, and will be out-of-print in 2016. A revised volume, in full color, is scheduled for release in late 2016.



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