Submissions and Deadlines

Because Equine Collectibles will have a long publishing interval, I have chosen to use a feature article format rather than one of recurring columnists. I believe this will give the magazine a lot more flexibility—and allow for a wider range of voices within its pages. For that reason, I am always interested in articles that accurately reflect the wide range of activities within the equine collectibles community. Informative articles, tutorials, interviews, show reports and essays on current topics are all of interest.

Cover photos. I am looking for high-resolution (300dpi) images that focus on models (or related items like tack) with solid (or mostly solid) backgrounds. The latter requirement allows for placement of headlines on the cover. General orientation is vertical, though images can be submitted with extended backgrounds to allow for cropping and placing. If accepted, one additional alternate image will be needed for the interior write-up on the model.

Filler photos. I would also like to establish a library of images of models that can be used in articles or as filler throughout the magazine. Images must be 300 dpi. Please include the following information so credit can be included if the photo is used: Horse name, artist(s), breed, gender, mold and owner. All types of models—original finish, customs, resins, ceramics—are needed. Useful reference images of real horses, either color, pose or details, are also appreciated. Please only submit photos you have taken.

Show listings. Please include the following information: Date, Show Name, Location, Showholder, contact information (website or email), and whether or not the show is a NAN Qualifier. Shows do not have to be qualifiers to be listed. Online shows have a separate listing which includes: Date, Show Name, Sponsoring organization (if any) and contact information.

These are the deadlines for sending files for inclusion in the June 2018 issue. You are encouraged to send content for future issues, since that allows the editorial staff to space the work out.

Editorial Content (articles, show listings, photo submissions)  – April 30

Preformatted advertising context (photos and text) – April 30

Print-ready advertising – May 10

Subscriptions must be purchased by May 1 to insure delivery of the June issue.