Blackberry Lane Press is a small, independent press serving a niche market, and in that regard is a reflection of the dramatic change in book publishing. Having had indirect experience with traditional academic publishing, and wanting to retain maximum control over the final product, I made the choice to self-publish my first book in 2012. At that time, self-publishing was already losing some of its stigma as a number of high-profile success stories had emerged. Those were mostly novels, but it seemed to me that niche non-fiction was even more suited to the kind of options offered by print-on-demand. As someone who avidly collected a very specific kind of non-fictionhorse breed books—I knew that many of these were privately printed due to limited demand. Print-on-demand seemed like a good fit for the quirky, hard-to-categorize book series I had in mind, so in 2012 I teamed up with CreateSpace (a subsidiary of Amazon) to produce The Equine Tapestry: Draft and Coaching Breeds (Volume 1).

What followed was a crash course in the world of print-on-demand and small presses. I have learned that the one thing changing more rapidly than coat color genetics is publishing! Our second book, which was technically a full-color “reboot” for the Equine Tapestry series, was published independently by Blackberry Lane Press. Since that time we have explored a variety of printing and distribution methods. My goal remains the same, which is to produce the kind of high-quality traditional books that I once eagerly collected.